44 Top SEO Blogs

Here's a collection of 44 Top SEO Blogs that we regularly visit for some great tips and tricks for Search Engine Optimisation.

Why 44 Blogs?

Why not?! Everyone goes for the standard lists of 10, 25, 50 or 100 so we just decided to be a little bit different. These are all sites that we regularly visit and they have provided us with some great resources that have in turn helped our clients achieve better rankings in the search engines. We've also included our own blog in this list, which we realise could look a bit egotistic, but it really isn't meant like that and after all what we do is all about promoting ourselves so that's what we are doing! Anyway, here's the list of 44 Top SEO Blogs:


  1. Andy Beard
  2. Bill Slawski
  3. Blue Hat SEO
  4. Copy Blogger
  5. Clickz
  6. Daily SEO Tips
  7. David Harry
  8. David Naylor
  9. Dosh Dosh
  10. Edward Lewis
  11. Eric Ward
  12. Fantomaster
  13. Half's SEO Notebook
  14. Hamlet Batista
  15. Hobo
  16. Jim Boykin
  17. Joost de Valk
  18. Kalena Jordan
  19. Lyndon Antcliff
  20. Matt Cutts
  21. Matt McGee
  22. MDS Solutions
  23. Michael Gray
  24. Michael Martinez
  25. Michael VanDeMar
  26. Patrick Altoft
  27. Pro Blogger
  28. Search Engine Journal
  29. Search Engine Land
  30. Search Engine People
  31. Search Engine Watch
  32. SE Optimise
  33. SEO Book
  34. SEO Scoop
  35. SEOmozBlog
  36. SE Round Table
  37. Sebastian's Pamphlets
  38. Slightly Shady SEO
  39. Rae Hoffman
  40. Tad Chef
  41. Tim Nash
  42. TopRank Blog
  43. V7 Network
  44. Weip Knoll

We hope these are of some use to you, and hopefully there's a few in this list that you've not yet subscribed to.

MDS Solutions


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