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SEO will be the most important part of your websites marketing strategy for targetting page 1 rankings in Google.

With a simple monthly subscription, your website can rank higher for your chosen key words and phrases.

Our SEO Packages

We know our SEO works, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!

We also know that SEO is going to be the most important part of your websites marketing strategy. To make sure that your website is successful over the long term you need to ensure that it is found by your target audience and before they find your competitors. This is where our SEO packages come into play.

Based in Darlington and providing SEO packages to companies around the North East, we cater for businesses of all sizes. Our starter SEO package is designed to get your existing site to fulfill its true potential and to rank better for the key words and phrases that matter to your business. The professional SEO package introduces professionally written articles which are relevant to your business and distributes them across social media channels in order to create links and drive traffic to your website. The business SEO package creates high ranking rapid backlinks with bespoke articles written around the link, and placed on relevant websites with distributed PageRanks to enhance your website's profile. The enterprise package takes our SEO to a whole new level. Articles are increased to 1 per week, Google Adwords is introduced to generate pay-per-click traffic to your website, and we bring on board a Google Adwords Consultant to manage your campaign.

SEO Rankings

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per month

  • On-Page SEO
  • 5 Key Phrases
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Link Building
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per month

  • Professional Package, Plus
  • 5 High Ranking Backlinks
  • Bespoke Backlink Articles
  • Backlink Submission
  • Distributed PageRanks
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per month

  • Business Package, Plus
  • 4 Professional Articles
  • £50 Adwords Campaign
  • Google Adwords Consultant
  • Campaign Management
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What are the next steps for performing SEO on my website?

  • Sign Up - Firstly you sign up to our service using the relevant package above. Please get in touch if you need further details about the different packages or would like to ask any questions before your sign up, or alternatively have a read of our FAQ's for questions that may already have been asked.
  • Research - Then we will ask you to complete a short design questionnaire. This allows us to understand what you need from our SEO package.
  • Keyword Analysis - We'll carry out analysis on the keywords and phrases that you want your website to rank for.
  • Regional Analysis - We'll also have a look at the competition in your targeted areas and identify the places to target.
  • SEO Report - An SEO report will be produced which carries out analysis on your website and identifies how the website needs to be improved to ensure success.
  • On-Site SEO - We'll carry out the initial steps that are required to improve your on-site SEO for the relevant keywords and continue this process for the lifetime of your subscription (including following our own guide on how to perform SEO on a website). There are rapidly evolving criteria from search engines lie Google on what should be done and we'll make sure that your site keeps up to date with these. You'll also be sent details on any additional content that needs to be created in order for this process to work correctly.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering carrying out or extending the SEO you already have on your website, you may have a few questions about how it works and what results you can expect. We have collated a list of the typical questions we get asked below, but if you have any additional ones simply contact us and we'll help you out.

This is always the first question we get asked, and the answer is surprising not as much as you think it might do! Sure, you can go and spend thousands on implementing pay per click, advertising, digital marketing promotions, but in reality the first and best thing you can do is enhance the content you already have on your site and add new content targeting the key words and phrases you want to rank for.

So how much does it cost? Well, the answer is from just £24.99 per month, with no setup costs and no minimum length contracts.

There isn't one single answer to this and it's important to remember that SEO isn't just an overnight strategy, but if you play the longer game you will reap the rewards. However, you can often expect to see Google and other search engines pick up your changes within a few days. You'll typically take the first 3-6 months dedicating time to to making updates to the site and monitoring the results. You can typically expect it to take around 3-9 months for the whole process to have a constant, ongoing effect and by that time you will be able to see what carrying out SEO on your site can achieve for your rankings.

Getting new website traffic depends on how well your rankings are performing and what kind of increase you have seen to these. There is obviously a direct correlation to appearing top of a search engine ranking for your chosen key word or phrase, and the traffic that it can drive to your website (as well as how popular those phrases are as you'll get more traffic if more people are searching for a phrase you have targeted). Once you start to see a steady increase in your search engine rankings, then you will also start to see gradual increases in the traffic that then visits to your website. You also need to bear in mind that new rankings and therefore then generated traffic are not instant and it will take a few months to complete all of the necessary SEO on your website to get them indexed before you will begin to see these increases in traffic.

Absolutely 100% yes! You know the effort that has been put in to get this far and you'll want to ensure that you maintain and build and your achievements. You'll find that search engines constantly update their algorithms to decide which sites rank higher then others, and you'll also find that your rankings can fluctuate even from one day to the next. To maintaining your current good rankings involves the same procedures and hard work as getting new rankings. This involves research into what algorithm changes have happened, what your competitors have been doing, updates and testing to your website keep your rankings in the top positions. If you simply stop doing SEO after you’ve achieved your rankings will mean you simply start to slide back down them and end up back where you started.

No we can't, but we can speak from experience to say that it's likely given our past results. The problem with the word guarantee is that we're not Google, so there is no way for us to force your site to be the first result, or even on the first page. But what we can do is draw on over 15 years experience of doing this for clients that have given us proven SEO results. If you're having a look at other SEO companies to compare us, remember that any other agency that says they can guarantee a ranking is outright lying to you, so beware of any company that does claim they can. There's also no hierarchy or prioritisation of companies that work with Google so if you see any that suggest that they have priority to submit your content to Google then again, it's completely false and untrue and users are specifically warned about this in the helpful guidelines section of the Google SEO documentation.

It depends, but it can get you some instant traffic and really great results. Using Google Adwords for Pay Per Click (PPC), is a great additional strategy to run alongside the SEO that you are already carrying out on your website. Your adverts will appear above the natural, organic results in Google and can therefore help enhance the traffic that you have already started to generate. The reason that we start by saying "it depends", is that we have to judge this on a case by case basis, taking into account your website, your goals and your budget. You can spend whatever budget you want to with Google Adwords, and the more you spend the better the results, but don't see this as an "instead of" to regular SEO.

Areas we cover

We are able to offer our SEO services throughout the UK. We are situated in Darlington but have a large number of clients in the surrounding areas and all across the rest of the country. We have provided bespoke web design and SEO services to areas such as: