Google Increase Page Rank of Bing

Since the release of Bing, the Google Page Rank of the site had been set at PR level 2. This week that level has jumped up to PR level 9 showing that Google are taking the competition fairly seriously and even indexing search results from Bing.

Bing's Google Page Rank

Since Bing's introduction into the search engine world, their Page Rank on Google has been fairly low and when I monitored it last week it was set at PR2:

However, when I monitored it again this morning, it had jumped all the way up to PR9:

I'm hazarding a guss that this is due to some search result pages from Bing being indexed by Google, as seen in the image below:

We're a little bit surprised that this has happened, as you would naturally assume that Google wouldn't want to promote their competitors in the search engine stakes. There's also the fact that it creates a greater awareness of Bing and also gets people talking about it so it essentially creates a viral marketing campaign for them. However, Google will know all of this so we're also pretty sure that they have a good reason behind increasing the PR, and they'll have thought about the consequenses prior to going through with it.

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