How your website performs now contributes to its search engine rankings

Google have recently announced that as of May 2021, how your website performs will be one of the calculations used in determining your search engine rankings. Google collects data using it's page experience signals to determine various factors in how well your website works for your visitors and these statistics and now used to help ensure that a visually fast, interactive and mobile friendly website will acheive better rankings that one that isn't.

Google Page Experience

We use Google's Search console's Core Web Vitals report, along with Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights to identify opportunities within our own and our clients websites to look for improvements that can be made to signals around how users perceive the experience of interacting with a website. This ensure that visitors to your site get the most helpful and enjoyable experiences from your site and ultimately help turn them into customer. Google have said that they've seen around a 70% increase in the number of users using these tools so it's good to see other companies making sites that are better and faster lodaing. We build these types of tools directly into our Content Management System (CMS), so our customers don't even need to spend any additional money on buying 3rd party tools. they can simply access the results of this type of information as they are adding to their website. It also gives us a handy one stop place to view information when we help then with their SEO.

The quality of a web page is therefore an ever increasing important factor, not only for when your customers are reading your website but for when Google are deciding what results to show to the user. They've said that by providing information about the expected quality when someone visits your website to the user will be helpful to them when they decide whether to visit or not. The snippets or image previews that are displayed to the user are therefore very important and is one of the factors we consider when creating pages on your website.

If you'd like a free SEO audit of your website, simply contact us and we'll produce one for you and if you'd like us to help then we can start to put right any of the issues that your website currently has.


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