The importance of a reliable website

Imagine this scenario; you are looking to get a website designed for your new company, you've found a website design company that you like the look of and have decided to go with them. Your new site looks great, it's all paid for and it's officially live. You have started marketing your site and telling potential clients about it and convincing them to use your business. This is a good time for any new startup but what would the impact be if there was a problem with the hosting company's server and your website went down? How would that look to your potential clients and what would it do to your reputation?

Monitoring website reliability and uptime

A website's reliability is measured by what is referred to as "uptime". This is the amount of time that the website is available over a certain period and is measured in a percentage. This is recorded by an external server checking that the website is responding by making a call to it every 5 minutes and recording the response. There are times when "downtime" is needed, for example applying security updates to servers may result in the web server being restarted, but website design companies have a duty to minimise these wherever possible.

Here at MDS Solutions, we like to be completely honest and transparent and even have a live view of our uptime figures so that you can see exactly what our uptime figures are and have proof our how reliable our service will be. Before you go with any other web design company make sure you ask them what their uptime figures are and make sure that you are happy with the levels. If they don't know the answer or aren't even monitoring them, is it really worth the risk to your business? As an example of figures, we aim for a 99% uptime rate which means your website is in good hands and here's an extract of our last 7 days uptime figures (5th October 2013 - 11th October 2013):

As you can see our uptime is at our target of 99% and if your website is hosted with us you can be safe in the knowledge that your business is in good hands.

We believe that by using the latest cloud based technologies, our service is reliable, robust and head and shoulders above most other companies. Next week we'll go into further detail about how we have achieved this by utilising the Amazon Cloud.

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