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We've decided it was about time we had our own blog to talk about website design and SEO.

To get this up and running, we've used the dasBlog blogging engine which looks really good. It was a doddle to install as we just used the Microsoft Web Platform Installer so it was pretty much a one-click installation! I think it only took around another 30 minutes or so for setting up the configuration so it was a relatively painless process we've gone through to get to this point. We've just used one of the default themes that came with it (named "DirectionalRedux") but we'll probably look at creating our own theme soon to make it look the same as the rest of the site but for now we're happy enough to just get some content and start off in the blogging world! *

* This has now been replaced with our own Blog engine which is built into our content management system.

What we'll be covering

We'll be looking to cover a wide range of subjects and pretty much anything that relates to website design or SEO will be something we'll consider writing about. We may also cover some aspects of our company, such as our future plans, tutorials on what you can do with our content management system as well as discussions on any industry related news that we come across.

Anyway, this was just a brief introduction to our blogs to show you what we were planning, so we hope you'll enjoy some of our future posts.

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