Get in the Google Index quickly

I've seen quite a few new start up websites sitting around, hoping that they'll appear in Google soon and start to get some good rankings. Why the wait though? Get listed now, today!

I set up our blog site at home on Monday, April 20th and posted a quick blog entry detailing what our blogs would be about. Over the next couple of days I wrote something a little more newsworthy on how Google now had One Line Sitelinks and how to exclude your IP address on Google Analytics and so decided to start the promotion pretty much straight away as I had what I though was some reasonable content. By the end of the day, we were listed on Google and we even ranked #1 on the UK Google search for "Google Analytics exclude IP address"!

How we did it

It was actually very simple, and nothing particularly clever was involved - we just used our common sense! We started out by submitting our stories to some popular social networking sites, then we used Twitter to further get the message out. We then started linking to our blogs and our Twitter feeds from our main website, and we posted in a few forums with a link in our signature. This simple, but very effective promotion, meant we had gone from a complete non-existence as far as Google was concerned, to a #1 ranking for one of the phrases we targetted in just one day! If that's not quick and great results then I don't know what is!

Step by step checklist

If you've got a new blog/website, or you've just gone live with a new part of your site, follow this simple checklist to make sure you start getting results from Google straightaway:

  1. Submit your page(s) to Google (
  2. Add your new articles/blogs to some relevant social networking sites (e.g Digg, DZone, Technorati, etc)
  3. Create a Twitter account and tweet about your new site
  4. Link back to your blog/article from your main home page (if you have one)
  5. Add your links to your signature and post in any relevant forums

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